Exploiting Google Cloud Services and Apache Beam to build a custom streaming data pipeline, in Python

PubSub to DataFlow to BigQuery wallpaper

If you need to process a very large amount of streaming data you’ll often find that a managed solution will be the easiest choice. These flows are rarely consistent and the prices of building your own solution could not be affordable and you’ll have to manage both the architecture and…

Organizza grandi quantità di dati per estrarre strategie di valore

Cloud for Marketing provides the technology capabilities, experience and tools that help companies optimise their marketing efforts by extracting value from data.

Qualunque azienda oggi con una presenza digitale già avviata si trova ad avere a che fare con molteplici silos di dati delle dimensioni più svariate, spesso sparsi e…

A modernization story, and what we learned

This is a story about how an application that was developed the same “old-fashioned” way was ported in a completely serverless app, as it was supposed to be from the beginning.

Before you start reading, I just want to clear up that not every Django application can be shifted to…

Fondamentali sulla containerizzazione degli applicativi software

Quando si parla di containers in ambito informatico, ci si riferisce a un’istanza virtualizzata che contiene ed esegue un’applicazione e tutte le sue dipendenze. L’ambiente dell’applicazione, anche detto environment, parte dal sistema operativo, passando per binaries, dipendenze e librerie esterne, in generale tutto ciò che è necessario al funzionamento dell’applicazione.

Nicolò Gasparini

Software Engineer and full stack developer 💻 based in Italy — /in/nicologasparini/

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