And python scripts to try them

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Exploiting Google Cloud Services and Apache Beam to build a custom streaming data pipeline, in Python

PubSub to DataFlow to BigQuery wallpaper


A simple…

[Hidden] qualities of one of the most famous IDE for Python programming

A three minutes introduction to the most loved database

Redis Logo from

Its components

The server
Redis runs as server-side software so its core functionality is in its server component. The server listens for connections from clients, programmatically…

Organizza grandi quantità di dati per estrarre strategie di valore

Cloud for Marketing provides the technology capabilities, experience and tools that help companies optimise their marketing efforts by extracting value from data.

Qualunque azienda oggi con una presenza digitale già avviata si trova ad avere a che fare con molteplici silos di dati delle dimensioni più svariate, spesso sparsi e disorganizzati, che rendono difficile una valutazione del loro potenziale e, di conseguenza, un’attivazione efficace. …

A modernization story, and what we learned

The original architecture

Like many software companies out there, you…

Fondamentali sulla containerizzazione degli applicativi software

Uploading offline events to your Facebook Business Manager using Python SDK

What are Facebook Offline Events?

Offline events are, as the name suggests, actions that your customers will take in-store or at an event. Facebook has no way to track it so it lets you upload them. There are 9 kinds of events you can track: ViewContent, Search, AddToCart, AddToWishlist, InitiateCheckout, AddPaymentInfo, Purchase, Lead, Other
We will focus on the most important one: the purchase, or conversion.

Why and when should I use them?

Facebook campaigns might lead to real-world events that the ad platform is unable to associate with, but knowing if the users that saw your ads actually purchased something will help you understand the effectiveness of every campaign.

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Software Engineer and full stack developer 💻 based in Italy — /in/nicologasparini/

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