Managing Facebook Offline Conversions via APIs

Uploading offline events to your Facebook Business Manager using Python SDK

What are Facebook Offline Events?

Why and when should I use them?

Ads on Facebook will often lead users to in-store purchases

How does the matching work?

Let’s upload some data!

1. Setup

2. Create an Offline Event Set

Find the event sets in ‘Event Manager’ > ‘Offline Events’

3. Upload the events

{ 'currency': 'EUR',
'event_name': 'Purchase',
'event_time': '1562112000',
'match_keys': {
"email": ["hashed_email"],
"phone": ["hashed_phone"],
"fn": "hashed_first_name",
"ln": "hashed_last_name"
'order_id': '123XXX',
'value': 19.99}
You will see a Processing warning soon after your data is uploaded

Here, have some more tips

some diagnostic advice from Facebook

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